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My first memory of seeing the spirit world is when I saw my mother after she passed away to spirit, one night just after my 14th birthday. I was alone in the house and she just appeared before me sitting at the table. It was so real, I asked if she would like a cup of tea. I then panicked and ran out of the house into the arms of my older sister who told me my mother had simply came back because she loved me.

That has been the basis of my mediumship since. Love is what brings the two worlds closer together. My family says that even as a small boy I could see the spirit world, but I cannot remember anything clearly except many people of all ages would open up their hearts and talk and confide in me, which many people thought was strange at the time but to me it seemed quite normal.

After leaving school I sailed the seven seas in the merchant navy experiencing many psychic, spiritual and not so spiritual things, living life to the full, which I believe mediums should do - as it helps them have an understanding of the real world when they go on to serve spirit.

After 20 years at sea I opened a hotel in Blackpool and also began my search for spiritual knowledge. After doing the rounds of psychics and classes and seminars I began to feel my awareness growing. After moving to Torquay I was introduced to Paignton Spiritualist Church where a lovely old Scottish medium, Agnes Porter, was taking the service. It was there I realised the God she was talking to, was the one I had been praying to all my life.

Within two weeks I was sitting in a development circle and then began the process of unfolding my natural mediumistic gifts. There then began the courses at The Arthur Findlay Spiritual College where I was lucky to study under some of the great mediums of the day. Having been inspired by such wonderful mediums all I wanted to do was serve spirit.

I have now been working as a full time medium for over 25 years, travelling all over the world as an ambassador for the spirit world, taking church services, seminars and demonstrating in theatres. I have appeared many times on radio and television discussing spiritualism and mediumship and in Denmark was in a very successful TV program called Klarsyn which showed mediumship at its best.

One of my most proud moments was when I was awarded the csnu by the spiritualist national union for speaking and demonstrating and also being asked to reach at th Arthur Finlay College Stansted. Fifteen years ago I was invited to be one of the tutors and demonstrators at the Spiritualist Association of Gt Britain (SAGB) the oldest spiritual association in the world, over 150 years old and still going strong. What a privilege to be among the ghosts of Conan Doyle and Oliver Lodge past members.

I am now semi retired and I live in Devon between Torquay and Paignton, in a little place called Preston, just a hundred metres from the sea and just 30 minutes from Dartmoor National Park - so I now have the best of both worlds.

I share this idyllic world with the spirit of my little dog Tilbury, who is a Llasso/Jack Russell cross,  who passed to the spirit world in November 2004 aged 17 years old

One thing I have always asked my students, 'Are you ready for the great responsibility mediumship puts on your shoulders, as you have the ability to change peoples lifes for the better or worse?'. For those members of the public who have seen me work know I have great fun with the spirit world but always have great respect for it.

Why do I do it? Because I can think of no greater joy than reuniting people with their loved ones whom they thought dead, and giving that wonderful evidence that can prove life after death. It is a privilege to serve and be an ambassador for the spirit world.

Smad Copyright 2004

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