Dear Friends

another new year 2019 and it seems nothing has changed ,the world is still in turmoil and mankind does not seem to have any solutions.Here in the uk we are going through the turmoils of Brexit which has split families in two.It is so sad to see the hundreds of refugees leaving Africa and the middle east to escape the wars ,discrimination,prejudice risking their lives to get into Europe only to find more problems that stop them finding freedom and a peaceful life.I have always said that  until the world starts to look at the problems in a more spiritual way (not religious)then we are not going to solve anything and these problems will continue.We have to start caring for each other have compassion and just simply love our fellow man.

My spiritual work is still going from strength to strength and I have been travelling all over Europe doing demonstrations of mediumship taking workshops and lectures on developing mediumship.No matter where I go in the world people just want to know that when there loved ones die that they are safe and will they see them again.I believe very strongly that we will also see our pets again on the other side to welcome us when it is our time to pass over.The responsibility of a medium is to bring the evidence that life continues after so called death and to ease the pain and grief of families who have lost their dear ones,every message should be a healing process as well.This year I will be back in Germany,Sweden ,Denmark as well as travelling all over the UK taking that message of love and the continuity of life,what a wonderful magical message to give.Take care my friends live life to the full and I hope our paths may cross somewhere this year

Happy new Year

Billy xx


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